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David Emile Durkheim

Social Evolution Activity

Major Works
Solidarity and the Division of Labor
Collective Representations
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Instructions: These ten steps of social evolution according to Durkheim are all mixed up. Put them in order from the earliest stage of evolution to the latest.


  1. Individuality becomes more important with the emergence of specialization and differentiation.


  1. People are joined together through mechanical solidarity. They are united by their similarities, not their differences, and individuals are self-sufficient.


  1. With scarcer resources and greater population, people with similar needs can no longer live side by side without conflict and competition.


  1. There exists a division of labor.


  1. Individuality is submerged within society.


  1. Social volume (population size) increases, as does material density (a reduction in spatial distance between members of society through advances in communication and transportation and the growth of cities).


  1. Society’s moral character becomes more pronounced, as people feel more responsible for one another.


  1. The conscience collective becomes weak. Society is comprised of people with many different ideas.


  1. There exists a conscience collective. All members of society share the same sentiments and beliefs.


  1. People are joined together through organic solidarity, based on their differences, not their similarities. They are dependent on each other.


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Answers: i., e., b., f., c., a., d., h., j., g.