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David Emile Durkheim

Name That SUICIDE Gameshow
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Alright now boys and girls, it's time for everyone's favorite deadly gameshow....
With our host today, the creator of suicidal social theory himeself, David Emile Durkheim!

Question One:
Roni just does not know what to do with himself these days.  Everything around him is changing and he feels like he just cannot keep up.  Not only that, but the way things are headed, Roni just does not know if he even wants to live on in such a world, so he hangs himself.  Kids, can you NAME THAT SUICIDE?

b. Alruistic Suicide

Question Two:
Johan feels alone in this world, he doesn't fit in at school, he doesn't have any extra curricular activities, and his family forgets about him half the time.  Johan jumped from a sky scraper last week.  Kids, can you NAME THAT SUICIDE??

b. Altruistic Suicide

c. Anomic Suicide

Question Three:
Nancy's cult is plotting for a certain canidate to win in the next gubernatorial elections.  They ask for a volunteer to be a suicide bomber at the leading opponent's upcoming banquet dinner.  Nancy volunteers, feeling herself called for this very prestigious position.  Kids, can you NAME THAT SUICIDE?

a. Egoistic Suicide

b. Altruistic Suicide

c. Anomic Suicide